Monday, 20 July 2015

C'est Finis

I probably shouldn't admit, being a Project Manager by trade, that my house is littered with part finished craft projects. I think that, perhaps, because I manage projects all day every day, and monitor them, trace them and constantly report on them, I struggle with the structure on my personal projects. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Da Vinci Art Quote
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This project, however, is one that caused me some guilt since it was actually meant to be a birthday present for some dear friends... a lovely couple we know, both of their birthdays are in January. That's right, 7 months ago. I misjudged how long this cross stitch would take, probably because it's the most detailed one I've completed since I started doing cross stitch. I haven't kept them in the dark all this time though, and they have had glimpses of the part finished project throughout.

Lady in the Tower Cross Stitch

The pattern was taken from Cross Stitch by Dorothy Wood and despite its intricacies was really lovely to stitch. I also think my mounting skills are getting better as this is certainly an improvement on previous ones. I'm not sure that I will take on another one so detailed immediately, and I think that I would like my next cross stitch project to be something for our house. I'm so glad that I did this one though, and I think that my friends will be really pleased with it.

What craft projects have you been finishing lately?


Rachael said...

That looks really good and I love the thread colours! I really struggle with keeping focuses on a project, although I try not to I work on about 3/4 cross stitching pieces at any one time. But I'm always finding far too many more that I would love to stitch. Alongside some designs I have kicking around in my head. Too many designs and ideas to have he time for sometimes!

Vix said...

I think its virtually impossible for me to put a deadline on creative projects as I have to be feeling it before I can crack on!
The cross stitch is lovely and I'm sure your friends will be thrilled with the workmanship and the though behind it no matter how belatedly! x