Monday, 13 July 2015

Travel: Leeds City Break - Part Deux

Despite the luxury of the hotel room, we woke up on the Friday morning feeling rather obliterated from our over exuberant canter around the city the evening before. A hearty buffet breakfast soon sorted us out though, and we were out in the early morning sun for a look around the city with the shops open.
Black Prince Leeds
Blue Skies and a grand city
Dress - Fever London, Bag - Jimmy Choo
We took a different route through town, taking in the beautiful architecture, much of it displaying beautiful Victorian grandeur, heading once again for the Victoria Centre. It was so hot that by the time we arrived we had to take a relaxing break in the Harvey Nichols espresso bar. It's quite lovely there because it's outside of Harvey Nics, but inside the Victoria centre, and the late morning sun was a most pleasurable place to sit and watch the world go by.

The sales in Leeds were pretty good, and I soon bagged myself a beautiful new shirt from Hawes and Curtis. I'm always fond of a well cut, double cuffed blouse, and this shop was awash with them at fantastic reductions. We pottered around Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton just generally having a bit of a fondle of the bags without any intent of buying. Yep, we are those annoying customers!

With lunchtime fast approaching we headed towards the impressive market buildings (which I had a lovely photo of until Flickr lost it) where I was on the hunt for some material to make pencil skirts. The market in Leeds is lovely. It's vibrant and while we were there we stopped to take our lunch in a cafe in the middle of it. Alas, I didn't get to have lunch from the North African food stand, which is a terrible shame since that's my favourite sort of food.

Leeds Market North African street food
I will be back to try this place out
After a wander back through town, and an impromptu purchase of a dress to wear that evening, from Zara, we set off back to the hotel, laden with bags and overheated from the relentless sun.

After a quick freshen up, and a rest of the legs we set off to Jamie's Italian for dinner. Which was fairly average to be honest and didn't live up to my expectations of it. After that though, we headed back towards Trinity Leeds which, by nightfall, becomes a vibrant hotbed of activity filled with restaurants and cocktail bars. On the advice of a waiter we headed to Angelica.

Maxi dress Trinity Leeds
Wearing my Bjorn clogs and the impromptu Zara dress in Trinity Leeds
Perched high above the city and under the shadow of Trinity's church's spire, Angelica is pretty amazing and very bustling. From the display that the cocktail waiters put on in the middle of the bar, to the views out over Leeds in the balmy night air, it was definitely a winner, and a great way to finish off a hectic day and night.

Trinity Leeds at night
Trinity church from the rooftop terrace of Angelica
On our last day we left our luggage (which was far heavier than when we arrived) at the hotel, and set off for the corn exchange in search of Leeds' vintage offerings. I have to say, this is the one area of shopping which did disappoint in the city. There was vintage to be had, but most of what I could find was the sort of studenty band t-shirts and denim variety. Perhaps I do the city a disservice, and perhaps I didn't find the good stuff, perhaps you can tell me where it is for the next time?

The Corn Exchange Leeds
The Corn Exchange
We weren't disappointed by the corn exchange though. It's a beautiful venue and filled fabulous independent retailers, which, for all the hustle and bustle and glamour of the Vuittons and Westwoods, I don't think you can beat an indie retailer.

The Corn Exchange Leeds
Such beautiful surroundings
Coffee at the Corn Exchange
The place for a coffee

By the time we were leaving the crowds behind us in Leeds we were glad to be heading home. Exhausted, but happy. Leeds is a fabulous city and I can't wait to go back.

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