Sunday, 17 May 2015

Just filling time

It's been a seriously laid back weekend. Yesterday we took a wander into town, just to hunt down some mascara for me. I thought I wanted Chanel, but in the end I bought Diorshow Iconic. I'm always a bit nervous about buying a mascara I haven't tried before, I have such sensitive eyes. I tried it out lastnight though, and all seems to be well.

Finding ourselves at a bit of a loose end, we took the cliff tram down to the seafront and had a wander around. After eating our lunch al fresco over looking the sea, we stumbled upon this, most beautiful of classic cars. Obviously I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

Sandals - Miss Selfridge, Bag - Lulu Guiness, Skirt - Vintage,
Vest - CMD, Scarf - ?, Denim Jacket - Gap
Car - Someone elses

Then we took an impromptu ride on a speedboat. I've been saying I wanted to for weeks, so we just decided to yesterday since the weather was nice. It was quite thrilling, and I stepped off feeling very windswept.

I'd love to have another trip, and I'm sure I will before the summer is out.

The rest of the weekend has been filled with watching DVD's (I finally got to see Gone Girl, which was fabulous), doing chores and relaxing. All in all, not a bad weekend at all.
Just Chillin'

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