Thursday, 21 May 2015

Review: Tropic Nourishing Cream Concentrate

I can't pinpoint the moment in time when I became a bit obsessed with skincare, or more precisely, moisturiser. I had the usual teenage niggles, but never any serious skin problems, and generally, my skin's treated me well. Then again, I've treated my skin well, I've been moisturising in some capacity since my late teen years, I'm not a sun worshipper, oh and, if my Mum's anything to go buy, genetics are on my side.

One thing I am quite naughty about is that I tend to jump between brands and products, but in general I know what works well for me, Caudalie good, Clinique bad. I do love to stumble upon something new though, which is exactly what I did a few months back when I met with a lovely lady, a consultant for the Tropic skincare range.

Heard of it? No, probably not, I hadn't. Immediately, however, my interest was piqued by the products' plethora of totally natural ingredients and, my favourite, no parabens. I know I can't eliminate these nasties from my life altogether, but I'm of the opinion that every little helps and if you can find products that don't contain them, then all the better since it is the cumulative nature of these products that causes the problems.

Anyway, after discussing the products extensively with the very knowledgeable Tracy, I was keen to try out the skin revive nourishing cream concentrate. At £20 a bottle it's not the cheapest product on the market but nor is it terribly expensive, and having been using it for well over two months now I can testify as to how long it lasts as I still have around half a bottle left.

The ingredients list is extensive, but all natural, and includes some of my personal favourites, echinacea, frankincense and chamomile. The pump packaging makes the amount easy to control and I find 2 - 3 pumps is enough for my face.

In terms of consistency, it's more akin to a lotion than to a rich cream, it feels light and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Perfect for if you're busy in the morning and can't wait for moisturiser to sink in before applying makeup.

The fragrance is very subtle, natural and light. No overpowering perfumes here. As I say I've been using this cream for a few months and my skin is even, clear and smooth. I've had no allergic reactions (which is great as I have very sensitive skin) and I would definitely be inclined to use this moisturiser again, particularly in the summer when a light moisturiser is preferred.

I would recommend that if you're shopping for a new moisturiser, or any new skincare or bodycare products (I have others in the range too, it's all lovely) that you give Tropic a whirl.

You can find Tropic here.

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