Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My first ever ring

I love jewellery. I'm sure many women do. I remember when Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery went up for auction, I trawled the auctioneers website, drooling. Of course, I couldn't afford a single piece of it. As lovely as it would have been to buy some, more for its provenance than for its unquestionable value, the most sentimentally valuable pieces of jewellery in a collection might not always be of the highest monetary value, but the ones which share a story or an emotion.

from Pinterest

I have a few pieces in my collection like that. My engagement and wedding ring, of course; items that have been passed down from long gone family members, but today I thought I would share this pretty, unassuming little silver amber ring.

I didn't have any jewellery as a child or teenager, save a pair of gold stud earrings. Then, when I was 14 my Mum took me on holiday to Weymouth. It was a lovely place, and I remember standing gazing longingly at silver rings I thought I would never afford, in the window of an independent jewellers shop.

I spotted there in the window a petite silver ring with a lovely amber setting. Even though it wasn't expensive, it was a lot for us. My Mum saw how much I wanted it though, and bought it as a holiday gift; my first ever ring. 


I was elated. I wore it everywhere. As the years have passed by and I've accumulated more, I don't wear it as often. I do still wear it from time to time though. It still fits perfectly and every time I wear it I think of that holiday, of my Mum buying me that ring, and of me cherishing it for the rest of my teenage years and beyond.


It goes to show, something doesn't have to have a precious price to have a precious value.


Vix said...

What a lovely story and a gorgeous ring! I wear the Lapis ring my Dad bought me in 1977 for passing my Eleven Plus every day, luckily I never grew much after my eleventh birthday and my taste never changed! xxx

Kim Rushworth said...

I think I remember that ring. It's lovely that you still have it x