Thursday, 26 March 2015

Little luxuries: The bath time ritual


I'm sure that by the time you've juggled the 9-5, the dog walk and the million and one other tasks that the majority of us have to fit into our daily lives, the luxury of a relaxing bath is probably usurped by a shower, more often than not.

That's why, when I do have baths I always make them something of a luxurious ritual. Time out to ponder, pamper and preen, who says you have to wait to get to the spa to enjoy that sort of luxury?

Here's my top tips for making your bath time a luxurious experience.


Before bathing I like to use a body brush. It's great for preventing cellulite and ingrown hairs as well as exfoliating the skin. I use this Champneys body brush which really does the trick.

Set the scene

I like to make my baths a multi scensory experience. I rarely have a bath without music playing. Spotify is my go to for this, they have tons of playlists and I usually find a search like 'zen spa' or 'evening chill' will return the results I am looking for.

I also love smells, so will often light a stick of incense and allow it to burn while I soak, letting it take me on a journey to decadent Far Eastern realms, in my imagination at least.

You may prefer candles, or reeds.


I don't tend to use bubble bath as I favour more natural, essential oils. I usually add between 7 and 10 drops to a full bath (once the bath is run, not whilst it is running) and swish it around. I find Lavender oil a dream for a pre-bed bath, rose if you just want to feel pampered and marjoram for aches and pains. I get my oils from a local supplier Totally natural skincare, who also sells online.

Alternatively, why not throw a chamomile tea bag in, or a lovely bath bomb full of natural ingredients.


After all that soaking, ironically, the skin will be crying our for some moisture. Again, I tend to favour oils over commercial body lotions. I buy base oils and mix up just the quantity I need. My current favourite is a blend of luxurious argan oil and patchouli, but the options are endless. 

I did an aromatherapy course a few years ago, so I have a basic idea of how to blend oils. Never use essential oils neat or in too strong blends and always seek professional advice if pregnant or unwell.

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Finish up with a relaxing cup of herbal tea to complete your luxurious bath time experience.

What are your favourite pampering rituals? 

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