Monday, 5 January 2015

Review: Exodus; Gods and Kings

I've been waiting since Boxing Day to get to see the latest offering by Ridley Scott, Exodus: Gods and Kings. I'm usually really funny about films in this genre, Gladiator didn't interest me whatsoever, and as for Noah, the trailers were all I needed to see to know that had more of hell than of heaven about it. The trailer for Exodus really did appeal though.

So, yesterday evening I pottered off to the cinema, and I really did enjoy it. I must admit, I do love a biblical epic, and whilst I don't think anything will come close to 'The Ten Commandmenrs' this was, in some ways, far more realistic. So, the Crocs in the Nile scene did make me cringe somewhat, but the fact that actors playing Hebrew characters actually looked, well, Hebrew, and that slaves looked dirty and dishevelled was a refreshing change.

I also love that Scott didn't shy away from the religious central theme of the tale, unlike Noah. For those of you who like a bit of CGI too, this film certainly has that. Alkbin all I would say this was a good film that was well worth going to see.

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