Sunday, 2 November 2014

Welcome to the Dungeon

I had a delightful weekend last weekend, it’s just unfortunate that it’s taken me until this weekend to find the time to regale you with my tales of terror. Never mind, better late than never I always say. (sorry for some of the dark photos, it was night after all)
The inlaws don't look too sure about the headless horseman
Last weekend, hubby and I took a trip down to the Midlands to visit family, having not had time to do so in a couple of months what with the big house move and associated activities, everyone was really looking forward to it. We stopped en route in Leicestershire to visit some dear friends, who had prepared a delightful lunch for us, and after a long overdue catch up with them we pressed on to Coventry.
That evening, we had tickets to go to Warwick Castle. My step-daughter was acting in one of their Halloween attractions, and given it had been a few years since I had been inside Warwick castle, and I had never been in during the evening, I was very much looking forward to it. The castle was beautifully illuminated, and despite it being almost a week prior to Halloween itself, there was a definite air of excitement and horror.
Warwick castle illuminated
I find castles lend themselves well to horror anyway, macabre places with dungeons and dark shadows, but Warwick had really gone to town on making the castle into a real spooky spectacular. We had a tour of the dungeons, which is very spooky and eerie, and witnessed actors take us through the stories of the plague, torture and witches. In the courtroom that was set up there, I was called up for a mock witch trial, which was an absolute howl.

Having been through the ordeal of the dungeon, we moved on to blackout, which was a very active tour of a ‘haunted house’ (it wasn’t really haunted, it was actors…. Well, it may have been haunted, but there were actors too) in the dark, with ghosts and ghoolies jumping out of the shadows and darkness combined with a very vivid ghost story, it was not one for the faint hearted.
See the ghosts dancing in the window?
It was an excellent evening, the only downside being the amount of queueing we had to do for each attraction, but the attractions themselves were excellent, I thought, and the actors who wandered the castle grounds were suitably menacing with a comedy twist. I would definitely go back again.
Selfie time
After the castle, we all went for a little drink at a local pub, before retiring back to my inlaws house for a well-earned sleep. Sunday we had a rare lie in, before heading out for a delicious lunch at a local pub. The drive home to Yorkshire wasn’t too bad either, good old Sunday traffic. All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend. 
What fun and games have you been participating in over the Halloween weekend?

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Vix said...

That looks like a right laugh! I've only been to Warwick Castle once, its too expensive for cheapskates like us, unfortunately! xxx