Monday, 10 August 2015

Vintage Photo Shoot at Portfolio Studios

A couple of months back, my friend excitedly informed me that she had won a vintage photo shoot for us, in Manchester. Once the initial glee had died down, and I set about looking up train fares and the cost of any photographs, we decided it was just too expensive. A couple of days later, however, I saw that Groupon were running an offer on a similar sort of experience day. A vintage makeover and photo shoot, with some photos included for 1+ people.

Vintage photoshoot 1950s 1960s

I snapped it up, and spent the rest of my time pondering exactly which selection of dresses I would bring. The photo shoot finally arrived last week, and we made our way out to Portfolio studios in rural Escrick, just on the outskirts of York, not too far from the Designer shopping outlet (happy days). We arrived armed with frocks, shoes, hats and a whole lot of excitement.

Vintage model
My favourite picture of me
Wearing original 1950s prom dress

First we met with our makeup artist and hairdresser. She was very skilled and did fantastic retro hair and makeup for us, just like we asked. She was so chatty, and also knew who I was talking about when I referenced 1960s Italian actress Claudia Cardinale in my look inspiration.

Dress by Ralph Lauren

Then, we met our bubbly photographer, Brendan. First he went through our outfits, pairing up which ones we should wear together, before taking us through to the studio. He directed us clearly, taking a selection of 'together' shots, as well as some fantastic individual ones too. We were really encouraged to have fun, and I think it shines through in the photographs.

Vintage photo shoot yorkshire blogger
Partners in crime

After getting back into our civvies (but of course keeping on the fantastic makeup and hairdos) we retreated to the designer outlet for a snack, before returning to studios to view our photos on a large screen TV. There were absolutely loads to choose from, and had money been no object I think we would have come away with a lot more.

Classy vintage

As it is, I'm more than happy with the selection we have, and even more happy that they were given to us in JPEG format so that we can print and share as we see fit.

Ironically, we've been friends since primary school, and 27 years on, these are the first really decent photographs we have together. It was a great day out, and something I would really recommend you giving a go.

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Vix said...

You can see how much fun you had! That blue dress is lovely and you look beautiful! x

Helga said...

You are such a pair of foxes, and what a load of fun!