Monday, 31 August 2015

Robin Hood's Bay

Ever since moving to Yorkshire, people have been telling me that I had to visit Robin Hood's Bay. They regaled me with tales of a beautiful little fishing village, with winding little lanes and a relaxed vibe.

Enticed by the promise of some tremendous views, and seeing somewhere different, I decided to finally pay it a visit, today. On the scenic drive through the purple heather clad moors, I wondered why on earth I wasn't curled up at home with a good book given that the rain was pelting against our windscreen. As we turned into the road down to Robin Hood's Bay, however, the storm clouds receded and the rain stopped.

Robin Hood's Bay North Yorkshire
The view from the top of the village

As soon as we had parked, and started taking in the views over the top of cottages, and down towards a rugged coastline, I was glad that we had arrived. Despite it being Bank Holiday Monday, it wasn't too engulfed with tourists, perhaps the less than welcoming weather frightened them off. For my part, I was armed with my camera and ready to take advantage of the absence of crowds.

Yorkshire Lifestyle Blogger

After having lunch at a gorgeous, and inexpensive pie shop, we followed the winding alley ways whichever direction they led us. Past tiny little gift shops, antique shops and tea rooms, some which struggled to hold more than 2 people at a time.

Yorkshire lifestyle blogger
One of the many tea shops

Down on the beach, the tide was coming in.
Families were rockpooling, precariously stepping amongst thick and slippery seaweed that clung to rocks, with the sea creeping ever deeper around them. They began to help eachother to safer land, and to the ice-cream van that kept moving further up the beach, creeping like the tide.
Yorkshire photographer
A helping hand to cross the divide

Peace, quiet, contemplation
The clouds hung low over the high cliff tops, and made for an altogether moody experience. It was perfect, atmospheric and a welcome break from the heaving crowds of the larger tourist destinations. 

Yorkshire lifestyle and travel blogger
Moody skies over the bay
We finished off the day with tea and cake in one of the tea rooms, before climbing back up the steep hill to the car park, and enjoying a well earned beer at the top. An utterly perfect and relaxing Bank Holiday day out with my family, which has me refreshed and ready to head back to work tomorrow.


Vix said...

Most places look nice in the sunshine but somewhere has to be beautiful to look good in the weather we had yesterday.
I've heard of Robin Hood Bay before and it looks like a gorgeous place. Your photos are lovely. xxx

Rachael said...

The tide at Robin Hoods Bay comes in so dangerously fast, I've had to leg it back to shore a couple of times!

Kezzie said...

I've heard lots about it too. My friends live in Goathland, not too far from Whitby, I must go back tosee them and go here!!!!