Sunday, 31 May 2015

Jools Holland at Bridlington Spa

I've certainly been making the most of my week of work. What with trips to Harrogate, shopping in York and mornings sat on the beach, it really has been a blissful week off, even if it has gone really quickly.

Thursday evening we had tickets to go and see Jools Holland at Bridlington Spa. I'd bought these tickets months ago, and actually they were one of the Mr's Christmas presents. It's come around so quickly though (I see a pattern emerging, does this mean I'm getting old?). Anyway, Thursday was a glorious day, and we headed over to Bridlington early for a cup of tea and a catch up with Mr. and Mrs R, before walking literally to the end of their road to the Spa.

Outfit 28.05
A pleasurable walk to the spa
Shoes - Ted Baker, Dress suit - Vintage, Bag - Jones the Bootmaker
I've been to 2 concerts since moving to the East coast, both have been at Brid spa and both have been excellent. The day was glorious, and we were able to get drinks in one of the venue's bars overlooking the beach before the concert started.

Brid spa
Enjoying a pre show drink
Unlike last time we were sat on the floor (not literally on the floor, but down on the floor as opposed to the balcony), and it made all the difference. We were literally a few rows back from the front.

me and Peter
Waiting for the concert to start
We're both big fans of Jools Holland, and his big band that tours with him is amazing. There's so much talent on that stage, and the drum solo was immense. I hadn't appreciated the amount of sound that a drummer can generate. That's not to undermine the talent of all of the other players on that stage though, each one is exceptionally talented, and one of the great things, for me, about Jools Holland is that he's quite a humble chap and gives all of the band members their own solo segment so it really does showcase their capabilities.

Guests of Jools included Marc Almond. Now, I got a little bit over excited at Marc Almond, largely because his version of Tainted love is one of my all time favourite songs. Needless to say, when he broke into the first verse of Tainted Love, I went a little bit crazy, was dancing in front of the stage and even managed to shake hands with Marc Almond, get me.

Marc Almond
Marc Almond on stage from our seats
Those of you who are familiar with Jools will also have an appreciation for Ruby Turner, and she was one of his other guests on the evening. Now, when you see her on the TV, you can definitely appreciate the talent, but when you see her live you are simply blown away by her voice. Although I never had the pleasure of seeing Aretha Franklin, that's the sort of person I would liken Ruby Turner to. Simply amazing.

jools holland 2
Ruby Turner and the crowd going wild
All in all it was a wonderful night out, and I definitely think that Bridlington Spa has already become a firm favourite of ours.

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