Monday, 27 April 2015

Whitby Goth Weekend

Hi folks. A brief hiatus there on the blog front, I had intended to update you all about Goth Weekend on Sunday, but after getting right royally rained on and chilled to the bone at Whitby on Saturday, I didn't really feel much like doing anything the following day.

It seemed like we'd been pulling our goth weekend outfits together for months, so when Saturday finally arrived and the heavens opened, well it was a tad disappointing.

Me and the Mr In our goth weekend finery

Even more so for the Mr, who dragged himself out of his sick bed, full of flu, to go.

In Bothams

We dodged between shops trying to stay dry, and really only getting to admire a small amount of people's outfits.

Hiding from the rain

We enjoyed a delicious lunch in Bothams (quickly becoming my favourite eatery in Whitby) which was probably the best place for outfit admiring, my favourite being a beautiful tweed Victorian riding suit, that I failed to get a photo of.

cool outfits

We didn't last more than a few hours, between the rain and the cold. We didn't stand a chance of getting to the goth market, and rather disappointingly, there didn't seem to be much else going on around town, or if there was it wasn't well sign posted.

Friendly goths

The inclement weather continued pelting us all the way back to the car. We came, we saw, we retreated to the warmth of home. 


Vix said...

You both look absolutely incredible. What a shame about the weather. xxx

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to visit the Goth Weekend at Whitby. I first heard about it when I was at uni, but only managed to visit Whitby once whilst I was at uni and it was just at Easter.
Shame about the weather! Damn English weather ruining all the fun, how typical! Still, I do love the pink and red in your outfit.

~ K