Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Customised Tweed Jacket

You know how sometimes you can be wearing an item of clothing for ages, and then one day you just look at it afresh and think that it looks boring and tired? This happens to me regularly, recently it happened with this tweed jacket.


It was feeling boxy, unstylish and a bit, meh! Rather than give it away though, I decided to make it more me with a spot of customisation.

I changed the shape of the lapels and added a faux fur collar. A nice blinging brooch, some lace trim on the pockets and a nautical brass button on each pocket.
Pretties added

All in, the work took me 2 evenings, and I'm so pleased with the result.
Far more glam

I wore it for the first time since adapting it over the weekend to wander down into town, take in the scooter festival and go the pub... In between decorating. 

Gratuitous pictures of funky vintage scooters

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Vix said...

You did a wonderful job, it's almost unrecognisable and you look fab! xxx