Sunday, 19 April 2015

Concert: Bellowhead

Friday night we went to Bridlington Spa to see Bellowhead live. It was a first for me on two counts, it's the first time I've attended anything at the lovely Bridlington Spa but is also the first time I've seen my favourite folk band, Bellowhead play live.

Shoes - Long Tall Sally, Dress - Hell Bunny Vixen, Bag - Vintage, Cardigan - Vintage

It was a lovely evening weather wise, and what do you wear to see a folk group who sings a hell of a lot of sea shanty type songs? A Hell Bunny sailor dress, obvs. Maybe too obvs, but I liked it.
Bridlington Spa

Anyway, Bridlington Spa is a lovely facility. It's right on the sea front with a fab bar with a glass wall, meaning you can sip your interval drinks whilst looking out to sea. The auditorium is vast, and my one and only issue would be that we had tickets for the back row on the balcony, and our row wasn't tiered meaning visibility problems, so I wouldn't have those seats again, but otherwise all was good.

Beautiful venue

The support act were a revelation, the Kings of the South Seas. Their music was very mellow, based on old whaling songs and the suchlike. We were so impressed with them we bought the CD in the interval.

Me and Peter with two members of the Kings of the South Seas
Bellowhead though, they were the next level. I have long known that it's a big band with a huge variety of instruments, but until you see them live, on stage, you cannot comprehend the power and the energy of their performance. As if that wasn't impressive enough, many of them would swap instruments for different songs. I can't even play one instrument, I was totally in awe.


By the end, the audience was dancing in the aisles and the energy was raising the roof. After the performance Jon Boden (the lead singer) was out front signing CDs and having photographs. Such a friendly guy.

With Jon Boden

It was a fantastic evening and a great start to the weekend. I wouldn't hesitate to see Bellowhead live again, and can imagine that the Bridlington Spa will be a frequent feature of our social life. 

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Vix said...

You look lovely and so does the venue! Old civic buildings really are stunners, aren't they? xxx