Sunday, 1 March 2015

Train commuting - my top tips

So I mentioned in last week's post that I was venturing into the world of train commuting, and here I am at the end of my first week of it. I've really enjoyed it actually, it's far more relaxed than driving and gives me plenty of time to read, catch up on some of my favourite blogs, or just enjoy the ever changing view. Here's what I've learned in my first week though.

Hands free baggage

It's the way forward. I mentioned that I'd bought a new backpack, and I really love it. Thrown on my back I can walk easily between office and train station without aching arms or constantly having to switch sides.

A weekend shot - I'm not this casual for work
Bag - Fiorelli, Jacket Barbour

I can hold my coffee, tickets, book or whatever without having to juggle and actually, I don't think I would use another style of bag for this journey. It works.


I'm tall so legroom is always my main concern. Since I get on at the first station I generally have my pick of the seats, and for the first few days I plumped for the table seats mistakenly thinking they were the roomier ones. They are, right up until another commuter sits opposite you and halves the legroom. I'm not very good at sharing my space. I've now learned that a standard seat with a drop down table in front of me is roomier, more private and gives me everything I need.

Bring your own coffee

I'm commuting by train for a few reasons, one of them is that it's working out cheaper than driving. Start spending a minimum of £2.40 a day on coffee at the station though and the margin soon dwindles. I am always sure to make myself a coffee in my thermal travel mug before leaving the house, to enjoy on the train. Once I finish I wrap the cup in a plastic bag and throw it in my backpack. It saves me £12 a week, it's worth it!

Coffee and a book, the perfect commute

Nectar Points

Depending on what rail company you use, some offer Nectar points on tickets. Transpennine express certainly do, and given the high cost of train travel it's a valuable little benefit. 

That's how I make the daily commute work for me, how do you get to work each day? What are your top commuter tips?

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