Sunday, 8 March 2015

To Spring - A winter round up

Winter sunsets

The question of whether it's actually Spring or not yet is, according to the Met office, a question of whether you favour the astronomical or the meteorological definition. I favour my instinct and there's a certain freshness in the air that, despite the piercing chill, tells me that Spring has sprung.

wild windswept beach walks

It's felt like a quiet winter. Low key following the house move in Autumn. There's been new routines to adapt to, new surroundings to explore and, really, we haven't even scratched the surface. So, as we prepare for longer days, fewer layers and more exploration, here's a quick summary of how I've been spending my winter.

epic layering

Lots of blisteringly cold dog walks on the beach.

One epic uphill hike

Easily amused

A road trip back to the dales to enjoy Burns night with some good friends lead to much laughter at this road name on the way home... Easily pleased, I know.

Always warm in the arcade

When it got too cold there was always the 2p slot machines.

Pancake disaster

Not forgetting pancakegate, aka my complete inability to flip a pancake.

So, there it was, a quiet winter of pottering. What exciting things did you get up to this winter? 


Vix said...

I don't believe winter's over until at least May, that way I'm never under-dressed or disappointed.
Glad the move was the right decision for you. xxx

Winter Moon said...

You've settled in wonderfully! It's been gorgeous here today, but still too cold to leave home without a coat.

I love all your photographs :)