Saturday, 20 September 2014

Review: Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath

Back when I started my first office job fresh from university, and long before I had any conciousness of parabens, aromatherapy or natural living, my boss at the time bought me the most delightful gift for Christmas. It was a bath oil whose potent lavender aroma filled the whole house. I had no appreciation of the relaxation powers of lavender, all I knew was that this was a very luxurious bath treat, oh and I slept fantastically after using it.

Fast forward 11 years, and I'm going through a massively stressful house move. I couldn't quite remember the name of this stuff, but I knew I had to track it down. Shopping in my nearest indy health food store a few weeks back I spotted the box and recognised it immediately. The only problem was, they only stocked the Eucalyptus variety. It wasn't a problem, they were happy to order the lavender in for me, and a week later I was leaving the shop grasping what I knew would be my elixir of relaxation.

This bath oil has lived up to everything I remembered about it. The blue liquid gives off the strongest aroma of lavender I have ever known and a soak in it is pure bliss. It really takes away all stress and tension and you can tell just from the smell that this is a high quality product, no synthetic nasties here. Talking of synthetic nasties, this oil is paraben free and cruelty free.

At almost £10 a bottle, it's not the cheapest of products, but to me it's priceless and from here on in, not only will I ensure that I always have a bottle in, but come winter I will be indulging in the eucalyptus variety too for clear heads and cold prevention.

It's not widely available, you could try your local independent health shop, or if not buy it here on eco green store. Enjoy.

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