Monday, 28 July 2014

Leyburn 1940s Weekend

This weekend we visited Leyburn 1940s weekend, and given that when we went to the Harrogate one, I ended up in the Harrogate Advertiser, I had to come up with a different outfit too.

Leyburn is a beautiful local town which we visit on regular occasions anyway, a 1940s weekend is just an added draw.

It was great yet again to see so many people in their finest 1940s garb, and the fantastic entertainment too, including an uncanny George Formby impersonator.

There were loads of stalls selling original and repro vintage, and a lovely vintage fair in one of Leyburn's grand halls. It was here that I succumbed to the allure of a beautiful 1950s evening gown.

Between drinking tea, eating cake and trawling vintage stalls, admiring people's outfits and uncanny resemblences there really was enough to keep us happy for the whole sunny day.

Although I'm definitely a vintage girl at heart I've never been stuck to one decade, but the frequency of these local 1940s events have certainly reignited my interest for that eras fashions.


Vix said...

You look gorgeous, that hat is fabulous and the car's a sweetie! There's loads of those 1940s events popping up, isn't there? Not an era that appeals to me but you certainly make them look way more interesting. xxx

Miss Thrifty said...

Wow! (Both you & the day.) I didn't even know that Leyburn had a 1940s day - I'll have to get myself along next year.