Sunday, 6 July 2014

Le Tour

For months Yorkshire has been in a state of utter excitement that rivals the run up to Christmas. Villages have been decorated with hand knitted bunting, yellow bikes have appeared everywhere, screens have been erected in fields and holiday accomodation has been fully booked for many months.

Yesterday stage 1, going through the picturesque Dales and past us here in Masham, took place. We got out and got our spot on the course early. 

It was such a party atmosphere as everyone waited patiently for processions of police and gendamerie, the caravane and finally, the peleton itself.

There was a lot of excitement and a very international feel with the crowds peppered with Belgians, French and Americans. So unusual to see so many people milling around Masham.

When the peleton zoomed through I was so  close I could have touched the cyclists. The speed they pass by at is breathtaking and as a once in a lifetime event to see, I'm thrilled I got to see it. 

Amazing photo taken by my talented husband, Peter McDonagh

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