Sunday, 1 June 2014

Brimham Rocks

It's been a delightful weekend from start to finish. I'm sure the agreeable weather played some part, but it certainly feels like since leaving work on Friday and heading straight to the bars of Harrogate, I've not let a second of this weekend go to waste.

One of the things I adore about life in Yorkshire is that there is such a variety of places to visit, every weekend can be like a holiday. Having only moved here in September, I haven't even scratched the aurface of places to visit, but I can certainly mark another one off my list this weekend.

This morning, we decided to take the dogs to nearby Brimham rocks. 

Brimham rocks is a large expanse of rock formations with fabulous vantage points looking out over the Nidd Valley. Some of the rocks are vast, and it was surprising to see children scaling them like mountain goats. 

It's such a fascinating place and one can't help but wonder about the natural phenomena that left such interesting structures for us to enjoy.

Given the landmark's proximity to home, I can see that this might be a frequent stop for us during the summer months. 

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