Sunday, 20 April 2014

Valley Gardens

When I first moved to Yorkshire, just short of 8 months ago, I was lucky enough to spend my first month living in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate. Even better, I was blessed enough to live opposite the beautiful, Valley Gardens.

Valley Gardens, Harrogate

Valley Gardens is a gorgeous expanse of greenery, and many of the mineral springs which brought Harrogate so much wealth as a spa destination in Victorian times are located within these very gardens.

Landscaped with beautiful floral displays, it is the perfect place just to kick back and watch the world go by. So, when my inlaws came to visit us this weekend, I was keen to take my mother-in-law to see this beautiful spectacle.

Pump room coffee shop in Valley Gardens
The weather smiled upon us, and we were able to enjoy a coffee in the sunshine as families took picnics, and dogs frolicked on the greenery. After a wander through towards the picturesque pump rooms, we were able to peruse the shops and sites of Harrogate.

The royal pump rooms, Harrogate
Once the afternoon came, the chaps, who had been enjoying Middleham open stables in the morning, joined us in Harrogate for lunch at the Winter Gardens. An extrememly impressive venue for a Weatherspoon pub.
Winter Gardens
After a trip to famous Farah's toffee shop, it was time to go home for a brief respite before heading out to a local pub.



Winter Moon said...

Welcome back Louise xx

New Girl in Toon said...

I've never been to Harrogate but have always thought it looks so lovely so will get myself there at some point!

Chloe x